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What Your Soul Hopes To Accomplish In A Given Life
6 min readApr 17, 2021


First of all, I would like to intro this article with the statement that we ALL have written our Life Script from wherever we go to make those choices. Each player chosen in your life as family, friends and nemesis is there for a purpose of your own soul’s design. Your tribal ethnicity, physical attributes, social standing, monetary advantages or disadvantages have all been designed by you. This is where it gets tricky. There are some life designs that CANNOT be changed such as your tribal ethnicity, physical handicaps, birth environments and circumstances. Done deal! Those are what you will have to work with your entire life journey. But be guaranteed those choices have great importance to what the soul is choosing to experience in a particular incarnation.

Then the confusing ‘free will’ comes into play, which is the awesome power given to us, that most are completely oblivious of. That power is making the choices of being put upon or playing a victim of life and its circumstances. Waiting for the other shoe to drop with another catastrophe. Or you can choose being expectant of good outcomes, regardless of what is happening in your life at the moment. This is the reflection of the power of YOUR choices and the tools given to you. Through good phases of life and the times you know someone has definitely bought you a ticket to hell!

As an Akashic Medium, I have been privileged and blessed with the gift of being able to open the Akashic Life Records of my clients, with their permission. I am always amazed at what a beautiful experience the soul hopes to have in this physical incarnation. The first of my own personal lessons in reading another’s Akashic Life Record was that I only get to view a very small portion of what the soul is really trying to accomplish. We plan the new incarnation adventure to enlighten the soul, release old karma or assist someone in our soul family with their journey, one can never grasp what the “Big Picture” really is. I have an ethereal guide who loves the movies: Hollywood, commercials etc. and always flashes a scene to help me get my message across. There is a movie released not too long ago called ‘Winters Tale’ with the actors Colin Farrel and Russell Crowe. A small impact movie but a profound message of how much we are loved, individually valued by the universe and the lengths it will go to save one soul of light and to keep darkness from winning. My definition of darkness and/or evil is basically the foundation of fear…always. At the end of this movie, there is a narration of how majestic the great plan of this divine intelligence works in helping us to become once again with and of the Light.

Nothing is by accident or DONE to us in our life script. We wrote it as we would write a college study list. There are major events that cannot be changed and will unfold regardless. Sometimes it is the circumstances of our birth, family environment, physical challenges, health issues, social setting, whether we are to have children, experience marriage or marriages, career success, etc.. They are set to a life rhythm that we follow as we enter each Soul Window (certain age stages in life when we are re-imprinted with a new set of instructions to complete our journey’s mission) and the only changes that can be made is how we choose to deal with those life circumstance. They are the foundations of your learning and growing experience.

The smaller electives are choices that will heighten the journey…such as having a family or not, being career oriented or a nature lover, married or single. Many times I will do a reading and make the statement that the life path that is to be learned is love of self in relationships and your career is a vehicle elective. What that means is there is no strife or no major self-value to be learned from a job…only in your personal relationships. It can also be the other way around, the career is everything where the soul learns all their life lessons and personal relationships go easily or are not weighed in at all. Monks and spiritual devotees are a good point as their whole focus is basically a career of inner awareness and love. Personal love relationships do not factor into their life lessons. Of course, there are always exceptions to those rules, as nothing is written with hard guidelines. That is what makes everyone’s journey so interesting.

After opening so many Akashic Records, I have come to discover the soul’s main purpose is to just enjoy the experience of journey. The soul puts on one incarnation after another as taking on and off a coat, without attachment, judgment or second guessing. The soul, when we are in what I call the White Room, is joyfully planning another cruise into this wonderful virtual reality game called a human life experience. Sometimes excitedly taking on many challenges with the idea…”oh yeh, I can do it this time!!!!!!” and then of course when the veils drop and we no longer remember what we wrote, it feels something along the line of, “what the hell was I thinking when I wrote this”. Having done so many readings, counseling and emotional addiction therapy sessions, the hardest thing for someone to accept, especially with parental issues, is they choose them. Big denial over that one, but it is true. So if we begin to take the approach on this wonderful journey, that we wrote it all and take accountability for whatever it is or looks like, then we know we have the choice to change it and write it differently. Still the same path, but viewing your life with the power of making it better or choosing a passive negative acceptance and making it worse. Falling ever deeper down the rabbit hole of despair and hopelessness.

Another hard factor to accept in our limited human view of life is when we see injustice with children, animals, our beautiful planet and violence against one another. Life is not written fair, only for us to understand there is a reason and accountability for everything. Sometimes or actually most of the time, it is way beyond our capacity to comprehend the why’s of it. There was an old Star Trek series show (yes, my spirit guide once again) that stated it very well. I loved the messages the creator and producer Gene Roddenberry gave us about the possible growth of humanity. The Enterprise landed on a planet that was being invaded by a vicious and hostile race which had destroyed every planet and their inhabitants they had been to. Captain Kirk pleaded with them to leave and let him save them. In the peaceful Zen energy of knowing the real truth, they just spoke to him as a child. His fear for them was touching but meaningless. When the hostile aliens arrived, they slaughtered the people only to watch them transform into balls of light and put on a new body to continue on. The message of course was the body was nothing and the forever light within was everything. This is how the soul takes on each life journey, as an enlightened experience of gifted awakening. Honor it and make it as a joyful and awakened journey as you can. It is a gift!!!


Susan Z Rich is a third generation Akashic Medium and a UCSC Certified Psychic Intuitive, Clairaudient, Empathic, Clairvoyant, Past Life Seer and Energetic Reader. I have 25 years experience as an Intuitive Psychic Reader, Life Coach, Holistic Therapist, Emotional Addiction Counselor, Recovery Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master. I am available for intuitive readings and counseling by appointment only.

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