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What Do You Really Know About Psychic Mediums?
7 min readMay 23, 2021

Since I write metaphysical articles for several blogs and magazines, do Spiritual Guidance and Teaching, personal readings and also work part time as a phone line reader, (keeps me humble lol! and gifts sharpened!) it is rather obvious where I stand in the belief of ethereal gifts from the unknown and unseen. I have seen phenomenal readers that just had me sitting there in awe of how easily they picked up on hidden information and then I have been privy to those that strictly go by the general description of the tarot cards are and their own gifts were minimal. The gifts are still there, but they are mostly relying on what is learned versus what is a natural ethereal connection.

Therein lies the issue of the general public’s opinion of psychic mediums, spiritualists, and channelers. Only a quarter of the public, according to a Gallup survey in the US, believe that humans really do have psychic abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance and slew of other gifts. Research shows neither support nor skepticism on these ethereal gifts and there is no real evidence these gifts exist. It’s approach is trying to prove it’s all a hoax or questioning why some are over the top psychically gifted, while the majority of the population seem to only have common sense survival instincts. It is not unusual for skeptics to attribute credence to this belief due to a lack of being open minded, misinformation, religious indoctrination of evil doings or having no personal experience.

The foundation of believers usually have their own personal psychic experiences and on the low self-esteem side: naivety, a save-me mentality and a lack of trust in their own discerning power. They come to the realization that some gifted psychic mediums are the real deal and can connect with the ethereal realm to assist you in seeing your life as it really is versus how you want it to be. Then there are the disappointing psychic medium sessions that do leave a bad taste in one’s mouth and a whole lot of skeptism. They are in the mode of “fake it till you make it”. Read a book on ‘How To Read Tarot Cards’, and then “how hard could this be?” Just go by the map drawn in the ‘how to’ section to foresee the future.

Most people become believers and supporters of psychic mediums and counselors because they have had information given to them no one else could have known, future predictions came about exactly as stated and a gift to see into their deepest desires and fears. The downside of this is then relying on them to make your life decisions for you. This is caused by questioning your own analytical thinking skills. (unable or unwilling to sort the issue out themselves). And of course, in the new Aquarius energy, a prediction can change within a split second when a different choice is made or an outside influence changes.

Here are some beliefs that people have about psychic/mediums:

The Believers:

1. Had a good experience with a psychic/medium reader and a high portion of the information was helpful and came true.

2. When you feel you need a little guidance because you can’t get out of your own way and the psychic reader/counselor sees things more clearly.

3. Basically, they end up becoming your counselor, friend and therapist.

4. A good reader is very, very hard to find due to over the top expectations and a large percentage of readers being mediocre at best.

5. Not all readers have the same gifts nor communication skills to get those messages across. This is the number one criteria that makes a good psychic/medium reader and counselor. If you can’t communicate the information that fits the person’s personality, you are dead in the water. Regardless of how gifted you are.

The Biased Skeptics:

1. We are in league with the devil. Even though in the bible, foretelling is repeatedly mentioned as gifts of the prophets. I guess the good opinion is when Jesus died, that gift died too and humanity is on it’s own…Good Luck! or God is no longer talking to modern man as He is in Aruba on a vacation from whiny humanity.

2. From my experience, they tell you trying to gain any insight via tarot, fortune telling, any supposed psychic means, goes against everything they teach you about God. Your faith should only be Gods path for you and it’s not for us to know, just accept. Blind faith is a rare personality trait, as most people are so fearful of the future, just having faith ain’t getting it. A reassurance that either you are on the right path or descending into hell with your perspective always helps you see the situation clearer.

3. Ever hear of the saying: “We make plans and God laughs?” There are just some things, regardless of whom you seek for advice, (psychic medium, seer, shaman, preacher or priest) that is or is not in your life plan and no matter how you try to change it, it is going to turn out a certain way regardless. Either you are graciously in acceptance or kicking and screaming all the way down the rabbit hole of resistance.

4. Oh, by way, in some religious circles, it is now OK!!!!! that some have the ability to foresee. If they go to church, read the bible and pray before the information is given. They are called “Christian Mystics.”

5. I’ve asked what makes a Christian believe these messages to another Christian from a ‘Christian Mystic’ would only come from God, rather than their claims that a psychic only hears from the devil is always ‘faith!’

6. Faith in what? What makes them so sure because they go to your church and read the bible, the information is authentic. Forget where it is coming from, is it without attachments or personal bias? Some of the kindest, spiritual, compassionate, selfless and giving people I know never set foot in a church (there church is where they make it).

7. The only thing different between “it is the devil’s work” and information received from an ‘unlimited knowledge base of divinity’ is the person deciding where those ‘messages’ come from. It will be whatever their fundamental fear belief system is.

The Skeptics: (I Love These!!!!)

1. These are the psychic medium sessions that make claims that could apply to anyone. Vague information given.

2. They make conversation to allow you to give them important information about you to use.

3. They make statements that could be true for almost anyone at some time in their life.

4. If your information is completely off the mark, the standard answer will be; “Well this is what I see, give it some time to unfold in the future.” Which by the way is true but if it is said too often, they ARE off the mark.

5. They talk very slowly and mention shocking events to watch your reaction so they can hone in on that subject.

6. You are usually ‘cursed’ with something and only $2,000 and a black candle will make it go away and if that doesn’t work, try another $2,000 with a red candle. Lol! These are the scam artists that give authentic gifted people of light, love and wanting to be of service a horrific reputation to overcome.

7. When working a large audience, they will pick out a few people to make conversation with to pull information.

At one point in our history; prophets, shamans, vestal virgins, foreseeing goddesses and all the rest of part woo-woo and part truth were revered and honored. Somewhere along the way, (I believe it was with the ruler Constantine’s reign (324AD), who re-wrote the bible and began to persecute those that claimed to have the sight as being witches, demons, devil worshipers, etc.. He also claimed Jesus was a virgin and Mary Magdaline was a whore versus an Essene healer. Now, as we slowly but surely are moving back into matriarchal energy, people are starting to believe again. Right now, we are transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius which is being more spiritually open. Also, being in the Aquarian energy of instant karma, make sure what you wish for is really what you want.

FYI: While a Psychic isn’t always a medium, a medium is also a psychic. A psychic has the ability to pick up on other’s energy and can sense information about one’s past, present, and future self. They rely solely on the psychic’s natural intuition to pick up information. Mediums can also read energies about a person’s past, present, and future self but they are also in tune with the spiritual dimensions. Most mediums have the ability to ‘time shift’, which is naturally flowing from the past you, the present you and the future you. Picking up information on many different dimensional levels. That is why mediums are usually associated with the ability to connect to spirit.


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