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Love Can Make You Delirious and Also A Little Crazy

Tough Realities Of Loving Certain Zodiac Signs

We have all heard out of friends and family’s mouth, when you tell them what astrological sign your new boyfriend was born under….” Oh, he is going to be a hand-full and he will be jealous, or A Scorpio!….lots of good times in the bedroom!! Lol! We tend to lump together the basic Sun sign traits of compatibility in relationships that have truth to them but that’s what they are, generalities. You have met a new guy and if you’re into Zodiac guidance, you immediately look him up and see how well you will get along or rush to make that phone to your trusted psychic who is knowledgeable in astrological compatibility. Rising signs, what sign their Venus is in, their Moon sign, etc., etc., etc. will alter basics of the kind of relationship you may be looking at. The good, the bad and the ugly. Below is a general guideline of what each Zodiac sign brings into a relationship, both bad and good, to give you a small heads up on what you are getting yourself into.

Aries (March 21 — April 19) Aries is an enthusiastic planner and positive about change. They are always fairly positive about life in general, believing that everything always works out for the best. They are quick to respond to a new idea and make it a reality and always believing they know what’s best for them and also you.

1. They can be extremely aggressive about going after what they want and aggressive when they don’t get it.

2. They need circumstances, people and life to roll out in a way they believe is the best for them and usually won’t take no for an answer.

3. They sometimes stay too long at the dance. Their love for you is long gone but they are still hanging around because they find it difficult to feel like a failure at anything. It is easier just to ignore the problems.

4. No! is NOT in their vocabulary, therefore hard to get them to leave you alone when you are done. They just KNOW they can convince you to change your mind. (on the extreme side of this, stalkers and jealous possessiveness fall into this category.

5. Always a big dreamer and planner but not too focused on what needs to be addressed to make something a reality.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20) The Bull is as steady and reliable as they come. Someone definitely you can count on. They cannot be pushed into anything they do not want to do, period. If they change their mind, they go into over-drive to make it happen.

1. They can be extremely jealous of time or attention you share with someone else. You are their world, their whole world and so not much room is left for anyone else to fill their space.

2. Can take a judgmental approach of your friends and family in their fierce protective streak of what belongs to them.

3. They find it hard to forgive and forget and can be extremely vengeful if felt they have been done wrong. (think of your ex keying your car at the divorce proceedings) and if you have really upset them, they strongly feel you should be punished in some way. Either by ignoring you, withholding sex, complaining about you to others and of course the worst-case scenario, the physical and verbal abuser.

4. Very demanding in the bedroom and does not care for you to switch things up with you in charge. No pun intended…but likes to be on top!

5. They are not familiar with the word compromise and co-operate. They can sometimes carry passive-aggressive attitudes of “My way or the highway”.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20) The Twins are ever changing and adaptable. They are extremely interesting and charismatic partners, as they are forever switching up the game on fun and creativity. They are excellent communicators.

1. They have a tendency of being COMPLETELY self-absorbed at times and will forget about your needs and wants.

2. They are totally addicted to “Limerence” (major stars in your eyes and the endorphin love drug release at the beginning of any love relationship) and when that wears off, they have trouble adapting to the change of going from snuggling in bed all day Sunday to having to go to the laundromat.

3. They get bored easily and their biggest fear is getting really comfortable with someone means the love part of your relationship is over.

4. They like a good ole fashion fight over nothing. Helps them to let off steam and will pick one so they get to do the making up thing. If you are not confrontational or don’t have a hefty sense of humor, their picking at you will eventually drive you away.

5. They are territorial about “their stuff” and have a “hands off my personal space” attitude when sharing living quarters. If you have a Gemini in your life, best let him have his own play room with a sign on the door, “Do Not Enter Unless Invited.”

Cancer (June 21 — July 22) A Crab is a fabulous nurturer and fixer. Being out of sync with their routine makes them feel uncomfortable so they will do everything in their power to make things right again. They are great creative planners.

1. They constantly have to be reassured they are loved by you.

2. They can get bitter and resentful if they feel they are not getting their emotional needs met and will retreat to their “devoid of emotion cave” for however long is needed. May cause big abandonment issues for their partners.

3.Underlying fear their partner is going to leave them for some reason. (jealousy pops up often)

4. If you give them too much attention, then they feel suffocated and start retreating.

5. Making the decision to finally commit to one person, get married, have kids is an excruciating choice for them, as they believe the timing is never quite right.

Leo (July 23 — August 22) The Lion takes a lot of pride in “fixing” things…. their life, your life or the broken sink. They are the consummate problem solver and definitely a “Go To” person if you need solutions.

1. They are very attached to the good opinions of others, so will always be gauging how others view your relationship.

2. DON’T screw them over or you will witness the lion’s aggressive ferocious tantrum, as you are trying to apologize for your stupid behavior.

3. They are attention seekers and demand a lot of it from their partners. Not necessarily that you get it back the same, but that’s what they expect from you.

4. They like the good life of financial security and possessions and will be critical if their partner is not holding up their end to obtain it.

5. Their fear of aloneness will sometimes give you pause to think they might have chosen you just because you showed up.

Virgo (August 23 — September 22) The Virgo Virgin loves to shake things up, as change is a challenge to their logical and very traditional mindset. Everything must have a reasonable solution and ending, if it is just thought out well.

1. They have a hard time being comfortable with or accepting a partner who is different than they are. If you are shirt and tie kind of guy or a manicure obsessed woman, if you have purple streaks in your hair, wear moto boots and into underground art, no matter how much they are attracted to you, they will not be able to accept your differences and will either take a pass or go into severe judgment of everything about you.

2. They like “being attached at the hip” relationships and will want to spend every minute with you and do everything together. If you need breathing free air as priority to be happy, emotional suffocation may come into play.
3. Virgo’s are passive/aggressive with their emotions. They let things build up to a point where an adult discussion is out of the question and prefer an angry explosion of judgment that they regret later.

4. They view themselves as super-human, being able to handle it all. This causes them much stress, worry and many “kick the family dog” (you) blow-ups in a partnership.

5. They swing from a peace at all cost compromise to strict adherence to their rules. They often get their feelings hurt when called on it.

Libra (September 23 — October 22) The Scales of Balance is a Venus ruled sign. They use their charm, wit and refined skill of communication and manipulation to get what they want. A Libra partner will make you feel like the King or Queen of their life, until they don’t.

1. NEVER, EVER ignore a Libra. Invisibility or not being included in pretty much everything in your life is not something they tolerate well in partnership.

2. They are indecisive in relationships and can run hot and cold, leaving you to wonder “do they or don’t they love you?” They are a classic case of loving whomever shows up and then remolds them with flattery into being what they need at the moment.

3. They are consummate fixers of other’s troubles. Often neglecting or missing their own house is burning down while putting out someone else’s campfire.

4. They can sometimes carry a belief that lying is better than telling the truth if it avoids hurting another person’s feelings. Usually, they are not good enough at it to not get caught.

5. They often wear rose colored glasses when it comes to toxic people in their life. Thus, daily drama is a given.

Scorpio (October 23 — November 21) The stinging Scorpion is direct, open heart, brutally honest with a ton of integrity and caring to back it up. They tend not to like change and are consummate ‘nesters’ (they stay put) until circumstances force them to bring about change but they execute those new plans with a fierce intensity.

1. They are absolutely intolerant of lying, cheating and betrayal. If you do this to them, you are banned FOR LIFE!

2. They are extremely sexual and passionate in the beginning of a relationship but lose physical interest rather quickly.

3. They avoid discussing in depth, yours or their true feelings. It makes them feel vulnerable, extremely uncomfortable and exposed.

4. They take EVERYTHING!!!! personal. After all, the world DOES revolve around them.

5. They are apt to hold grudges for a long, long, time. So, it would be wise not to cross them.

Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21) The Archer hates being bored and loves exploring life to the fullest. They are up for almost any kind of adventure and you turning out to be a homebody represents a slow death to them. They also tend to get really obstinate if they want something to remain status quo.

1. Their idea of a perfect relationship is one with a lot of freedom (sometimes an open relationship) and their need for alone time are their ground rules for keeping them interested.

2. Their attitude of needing to be a free spirit may bring up insecurities of abandonment in your partner.

3. They have a very strong need to be right and will choose their brand of justice when trying to work things out. They may walk away from a relationship just on principle or the benefit of a doubt.

5. They are intense partners with a demanding attentiveness to one’s personal appearance, which can leave you always feeling emotionally judged.

Capricorn (December 22 — January 19) The Goat is a steady hard worker and makes a success of almost anything they put their mind to. They are planners and when something does not go their way, they are willing to put in double the work to make it happen.

1. There is something about the charismatic energy of a Capricorn that just makes you want to please them and to be happy. The downside, you can sometimes forget about you as a priority.

2. They have a tendency to get too comfortable in a long-term relationship and forget they have a partner that needs to share and be happy also.

3. They have a strong personality trait of “peace at all cost”, so will avoid or ignore uncomfortable situations with their partner. Taking the attitude their partner will eventually figure it out and usually wake to find that it is too late to salvage the relationship.

4. Because of that “peace at all costs” trait they carry, they will sometimes agree to things they are not completely comfortable with and then back out at the last minute.

5. They are the consummate excuse maker to stay in an unhappy relationship, so you never really know if they actually want to work things or just too lazy to leave.

Aquarius (January 20 — February 18) The Water Bearer has a strong mind with strong opinions to go with them. The are stubborn and it is a daunting task to change their mind, once it is made up. They have incredible creative and innovative solutions to almost everything they approach in life.

1. They need SPACE!!!!!!! If you do not have a communicative partner, then his nights out with his buddies can cause misunderstanding for you.

2. Aquarians think differently than most. They are an Air sign, which usually means they are not grounded to traditional ways of thinking. They spend a lot of time feeling misunderstood which can result in a partner who is always whining about something or someone who did them wrong.

3. While they can be one of the most eloquent communicators of the Zodiac, relating a common sense goal they want in your partnership can get lost in a translation of “WHAT?” You never quite know what is expected of you and if you miss the mark, the blame is always on you.

4. Boredom is personal suicide for them. Since they are not the greatest at communication as to what is bothering them, they are infamous for leaving you without warning and then ghosting you because they are also clueless about why they don’t want to be with you anymore. Easier to avoid you.

5. ‘FOREVER’ feels like a dirty word to most Aquarians. If you start making plans five or ten years in the future, or just one, they move into a trapped thinking process of missing out on the smorgasbord that life has to offer in love and possible new future exciting opportunities to feel great about themselves.

Pisces (February 19 — March 20) The Fish definitely has the energy of going with the flow in most things in their life. They have an almost chameleon-like ability to fit into any circumstance and make the person they are with feel that same excitement. The question always is…. are the feelings real or is it just them being in the moment?

1. They are not the greatest communicators, so unless you are adept at mind reading and body language, there will be many misunderstood moments.

2. Pisceans are not extroverts, preferring to stand back and be the watcher versus the participator. Because of that quality, they have a reserved personality that is sometimes hard to break through. Leaving you in a position of never knowing how they really feel about you.

3. Definitely a cave type partner. When under stress, over-tired, worried, or sometimes just in bad mood, you have to learn to LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!, until they are ready to join your world again. Your needs or wants, you will have to figure that out for yourself during his cave time.

4. Their partners inevitably resent they are the silent type and refuse to really open up and share what their inner emotional make-up is. They won’t change it for you.

5. Because of their reserved emotional nature, it may make you feel you love them more than they love you. Insecurities will arise from that situation.

Love is pretty much a conveyor belt….right timing, right person, right situation. The idea that there is only one special person out there is a crock. Some relationships have shelf lives, partners change and the other does not keep up or the 21 year old has just realized that having a cool car, dancing really great and being able to chug a whole pint does not carry you through the mortgages, having babies and growing older. Sometimes things just change. If you are lucky enough to have written in your life script to choose a partner to grow with you, then you see the 35+ years of partnership. If not, most never make it past 15 years.

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