Four Illuminating Signs You’re An Intuitive Empath

Let’s start out by saying that having the gift of empathic abilities (which we all do in one capacity or another) has both pluses and minuses. Just like the balance of Yin and Yang, your finest qualities always have the Achilles Heel part of it. Being a telepathic and a precognitive empathic myself, I have many stories, as we all do, of what a wonderful gift it is and also sometimes a real pain in the ass. It is a natural gift, but just as all spiritual, psychic, healing and metaphysical gifts, you have to learn how to corral them in or they end up leading you by the nose and creating havoc when you least want it or expect. The actual definition of an Intuitive Empath is one who can “actually feel others’ emotions, energy, and physical symptoms…without the usual defenses that most people have.” And there lies the trap door of the wonderful, “no defenses” if you walk into an ugly situation and get blindsided by the shit. It is a learned skill to protect yourself and there are many books on how to teach you to do that. The upside of the gift is no one EVER! is capable of telling you a bold face lie….you just know! You also can feel when something doesn’t feel “right” about a situation or a person. That definitely works in your favor….that is if you listen to it. Lol! Here are some excerpts of the different type of gifts empaths have from Judith Orloff’s book, “The Empath’s Survival Guide For Sensitive People”.

1.Dream Empaths
Dream empaths regularly have vivid dreams that they remember, an experience that frequently starts in childhood. They bring guidance about healing, spirituality and overcoming difficult emotions (sometimes through the healing power of nightmares), telling you how to help yourself and others. Some dream empaths may have spirit guides who communicate with them during sleep. They appear in many forms, such as animals, people, presences, angels or loving voices.

2. Telepathic Empaths
Telepathic empaths can intuitively read what is happening with others in present time, even if a person’s thoughts and feelings are unexpressed. They receive images, impressions, flashes and a knowing about loved ones, co-workers, clients, even strangers.
3. Earth Empaths
Earth empaths are attuned to the earth and the changes in her body. Sensually and energetically, they can feel the power of a thunderstorm, the loveliness of the moon and the warmth of the sun. If you are this type of empath, what happens to the earth is intimately connected to your body. The beauty and health of the earth nourishes and sustains you. The ocean and tides affect everyone, but especially you. You are also sensitive to changes in the weather and daylight.
4. Precognitive Empaths
Precognitive empaths have premonitions about the future, either while they’re awake or in their dreams. They may receive these premonitions spontaneously or when they intentionally tune in — a skill that can be developed with practice. You may receive premonitions about someone’s health, relationships, career or other issues. For instance, you might know if a friend will become ill, pass away, get married or be accepted into college long before others do.

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

If you recognize yourself in any of the above definitions, feel blessed and learn how to use them to be of service to others. It certainly doesn’t make you exceptional or “special” but more in tune that we are energetic beings having a spiritual experience in human form. Put us all naked in one big room, trust me there is no big neon light that points to you and says….”Yooo, we got an empath here.”!

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Do You Have Signs That You Are An Empath?



Susan Z Rich is an Intuitive Counselor, Life Coach, Emotional Addiction Counselor, author of Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine on

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Susan Z Rich is an Intuitive Counselor, Life Coach, Emotional Addiction Counselor, author of Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine on